Think Tank / Solution Bank / Data Bank

The Goyang Research Institute is a public research institute in Goyang City, one of the most livable city with a population of more than one million in Gyeonggi Province, Republic of Korea. GYRI is in charge of mid- & long-term future research and proposing policy recommendations as think-tank, solution-bank and data-bank for Goyang City

  • THINK TANKThe first think-tank
    in the northern
    Gyeonggi Province
  • SOLUTION BANK Creative researches and
    suggestions of policy alternatives
    for Goyang City
  • DATA BANK Local-based
    data construction
    and synthetic data analysis
  • Think-Tank of
    Goyang City
    • Innovative research focused on Goyang City
    • In-depth analyses of local environment in Goyang City
    • Strengthen the metropolitan research network
  • Solution-Bank for
    Goyang City
    • Local-based creative policy proposal
    • Empirical-positive approach for citizens
    • Policy recommendations based on citizen participation
  • Data-bank on
    Goyang city
    • Proactive research based on data analysis
    • Systematic implementation of local information
    • Continuous information construction and analysis

  • Research Cooperation MOU

    • National Cancer Center
  • Research Cooperation MOU

    • Korea Local Tax Research Institute
    • Dongguk University
    • Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements
    • Korea Institute of Construction Technology (planned)
    • Korea Research Institute for Local Administration (planned)
  • Research Cooperation MOU

    • Gyeonggi Research Institute
  • Research Cooperation MOU

    • Jungbu University
    • Changwon Research Institute
    • Korea Aerospace University
    • Suwon Research Institute

Research exchange(As of May 29, 2019)

Research Cooperation MOU Collaborating bodies of research institute (Smart City related)

  • National Field Research Institute
  • Gangwon Research Institute
  • Gyeonggi Research Institute
  • Gyeonggi-do Economic Sciences Promotion Institute
  • Gyeongnam Development Institute
  • Goyang Research Institute
  • Gwangju Jeonnam Research Institute
  • Daegu-Gyeongbuk Research Institute
  • Daejeon Sejong Research Institute
  • Seoul Research Institute
  • Suwon Research Institute
  • Ulsan Development Institute
  • Jeonbuk Research Institute
  • Jeju Research Institute
  • Changwon Research Institute
  • Chungnam Research Institute
  • Chungbuk Research Institute